My fly reels are made to last. They all have an accurate drag system which is quickly and easily adjusted. Using a handy twist grip, the light drag system can be swiftly and precisely turned through 180° from end to end via 16 stops. There is a very pleasant feel to the dimensions of the twist grip.

Solid construction and precise functionality, and a respect for traditional classic design, define the visual appearance of my fly reels.

All parts of my fly reels are machined and milled from solid material. In my craft workshop, I use only high quality aluminium (alloy 7075). Alternatively, the spools can be made of Stanal 32, depending on the desired colour.

After manufacture, the aluminium parts are treated with a complex coating process. This creates a very hard, ~ 40 μm thick protective layer, half of which penetrates the aluminium. This special finishing process makes the surface of the reel abrasion, scratch and corrosion resistant. The resulting colour depends on the aluminium alloy used: alloy 7075 results in a bronze-coloured shade, alloy Stanal 32 in a warm anthracite. Within the same alloy, slight differences in colour may occur. If desired, either alloy can be made to result in a deep black.

All titanium parts are made of grade 5 titanium. The innermost supporting axle is made of titanium and has an additional coating. This treatment significantly increases its hardness and scratch resistance and reduces abrasive wear.

Except for a few standard parts, I personally manufacture the fly reels completely in my small craft workshop. Each reel is absolutely unique with an engraved serial number and certified as made in Switzerland.

The reels can be ordered for R / L handling.

The spools of my reels may be easily replaced at any time in a few simple steps.

Each AT reel type is called after a beautiful salmon river.

AT Models

Ø 100 mm / width 64 mm
Reel weight ̴ 390 grams / 13,75 oz
Recommended for:
Double-handed rods 14 - 18 feet
Line sizes 11 / 12
190 m 30 lb Backing

Ø 92 mm / width 59 mm
Reel weight 340 grams / 12 oz
Recommended for:
Double-handed rods 12 -14 feet
Line sizes 9 / 10
140 m 30 lb Backing

Ø 84 mm / width 54 mm
Reel weight 290 grams / 10,25 oz
Recommended for:
Single-handed and switch rods
Line sizes 7 / 8
90 m 30 lb Backing

TWe reserve the right to make technical modifications.

Prices and special sizes upon request.